The Sorrow

There is sorrow in the air

I see it land a mortal wound into the centre of your chest

It leaves a giant gaping wound

It’s sides flapping open like a giant manta ray gliding in the deep

Flap flap the edges bounce they bounce with your every step

Your heart lies unprotected and vulnerable for the first time

Today, you have been seen for who you truly are

As the light touches for the first time what has only known darkness

You stand with your hands in your pockets

Resigned to your fate…whatever that may be..

You allow all to look upon you and your giant gaping wound

As your heart continues to beat

The people who watched you as that sword fell

Turn away

Unable to look upon it

They feel disgust as you bleed openly before them

Peace falls upon you like you’ve never felt before

As one by one the onlookers flee the room as you stand with your hands in your pockets

For the first time the wisdom of silence speaks so clearly to you

“Let them go.” Wisdom says

“For those who love you, will love your heart the most. They will honor it. They will appreciate it. They will look upon you as wise, and beautiful.”

“It will be your compass and guide. It will be the lighthouse in the darkest of storms.”

“Honor it, in the knowledge that the lovers of the light, will be drawn to it also, like a moth to a flame.”

“It will draw those who appreciate the truth.”

“It will draw those who appreciate their own hearts, who have also been exposed and learnt their worth.”

For those who have eyes to see and those who have ears to hear

Love can now fall upon you

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