Masquerades and The Power

Lay the crimson carpet before the golden slippered toe

Bow wretchedly before every step

Ring the bells and burn the incense

Drape garlands lavishly around fattened necks

As thickened lips wet with delicacies,

Feign sorrow for beggars that push and scramble for crumbs brushed from the plushest of robes while abundance is poured down already slick throats

Urchins perform to catch the eye

Endlessly flattering with hungry tongues that water jealously

As false benevolences are offered instead of sustenance and shelter

Everyone joins in

The worshipped and the worshippers

None realising that they are their own government

Easily able to overthrow

Questioning has not been honoured

The false emperors fiercely defend their positions flocking together like gulls by the seashore ready with cruel put downs and subtle dishings of manipulation

Beggars accept it

As they choose to remain hidden from their own power

Their education is stolen ……or has it been abandoned?

Ignorance holds them bondage to rotten schemers and vagabonds who dress themselves in robes of altruism as they eat from riches gained from hedonism and ego

Facading marries the two

Ignorance and Egotism stand united in wedded bliss…..

But one stands to the side and observes the procession

What would happen should he be neither?

He knows.

Standing tall.


Insight planting his feet firmly

Sensing there is something greater

A voice whispers gently

Who are you really?

Without hesitation

His feet turn and a new path opens before him the street sign reads ‘opportunity’

The path is called ’empowerment’


Not yet.

But hunger and questions…


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