The Joy of Insight

The blindfold drops but it does not flutter gently down to our feet like a lovely dream

It falls like a boulder down a mountain

or a cannon ball dropped onto the sailors foot instead of going into the cannon.

Insight, understanding or wisdom is feeling the truth

Feeling the truth changes us in an instant.

No amount of of logic or reason can guard us, direct us or teach us the way feeling does

Utterly humble yourself with absolute gratitude when it comes

It will turn your feet in the opposite direction

Spin you on your head

To transform you immediately

And you will never ever again forget or repeat any lesson you have learnt in that moment.

Those truths that are felt become our foundations, our beliefs and our values

Those feelings are your courage, your boundaries and the thing that will make you unshakable under any circumstance.

This is what it is meant to be grounded and confident, and it is something that cannot be faked.

It is an energy that is within you.

You will see people change towards you when it happens.

Problems will quickly dissipate as you act upon your wisdom, fear will disappear. Paths will be cleared and rest shall be bestowed upon you.

Joy is quick to follow.

Deep inner knowing is simply feeling the truth as well as knowing it.

It is not enough just to know.

It is also not enough just to feel

Let the Islands of Knowledge and Feeling be joined together in a marriage that is equally yoked. One cannot exist without the other and both are weak without the other

Enjoy the beauty of both my Loves

Enjoy the confidence and the joy they both bring you.

Search until the two are joined and unified

Experience what you must until you understand both logically and emotionally

Observe the patterns and the lessons that come upon you

They are sent with love to teach and guide you from the spirits, the ancestors and the Divine so that you can ascend

To become the ultimate and the best that you can become

To step into your power

Your authenticity

To be the happiest

The most fulfilled

To live the best life you can live without any doubts, regret, fear, guilt or shame.

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