Originally written 7/7/2020

I have the strength to carry you a thousand miles

To raise you above my head as we cross floods and swollen burgeoning wild rivers

Holding my breath knowing I can make it

I can make it for the both of us

I can sweat blood as I cross the desserts whilst you ride upon my shoulders

Because I have the strength of a thousand horses

I will cross searing coals and jagged glaciers barefoot for the simple touch of your hand upon my shoulder or for the simple twinkle in your eye or the slightest wrinkle of a smile upon your lips

Don’t ask me twice for anything or else you whip me with insult!

My strength is more powerful, more determined, more fierce than any warrior

Than any army

Than any Tsunami



or Government.

But deny me your love….

And watch as I fade slowly..

An iron Tower that lies listless at the mercy of the sea




A forgotten and dormant stronghold

A giant that sleeps and is swallowed slowly by the Earth and the Sea

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