Hello Friends!


This site is made to help you find truth in your Spiritual journey.

It is a guide to show you how to heal.

Sometimes, we simply need to have someone help us understand how or what we are feeling.

Sometimes we need someone to describe it for us.

That is my job

I realise that poetry can be difficult to understand

But it also provides a depth sometimes, that other forms of communication cannot.

We are very complex beings after all

So, sometimes you will read, and feel convicted.

Sometimes you will be called to act on something that Spirit has been trying to communicate to you.

If you have arrived here, then I assume you are searching and considering spiritual things.


My role in your life is to awaken you.

This is just the beginning. Do not doubt what you are feeling or what you are seeing.

Awakening will likely turn your world upside down..or should I say right side up…

I love you. I care that you find truth. I care that you find absolute peace and happiness. My advice is to follow that trail. True peace and happiness can only lead to good things.

If this is not your experience, then there is a reason, and there is a truth that is fighting to come out.

I am here to let you know, that it is safe for you to let it.

It’s time to release yourself from false things and false people and false self identification.

So how it works….

Look at the menu, allow yourself to be drawn in. Click whatever you feel drawn to. Trust your intuition. You shall receive the message you need. Allow the images in the language to speak to you. I use a lot of imagery, but there is always a clear message you are meant to receive.

In the future, I may start open up to doing personal readings/channeled messages also, But for now, I am still processing and thinking about how to do this and to consider the right way to do it.

My advice for now, is that you take time out so that you can process the messages you receive here.

It can be heavy…but powerful.

Feel everything you need to, journal, write, speak, feel, cry, scream.

Release your truth to yourself and to Spirit

Ask for guidance and trust your intuition first and foremost.

Don’t be afraid to re:read messages, I am often updating old messages as I am being called to. This site is a living thing that will continue to grow and evolve as Spirit moves me to grow and evolve. I am growing with you. I will continue to build and improve what is already here. I am really excited about that. I’m looking forward to receiving the inspiration. It is bliss for me to channel this way. I feel that it is my true calling. It is my authentic self.

All the best my friends, feel free to comment or write to me however you wish.

All my love to you always.


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