Hello Friends!


This site is here to assist you along your Spiritual journey.

It will help you in several different ways.

1- It will reflect your true self by acting as an energetic mirror (this can be tricky to wrap your head around and can also be triggering which leads to the next point)

2- Aides you by helping you release inner woundings such as grief, trauma, anger and any kind of stuck energies,feelings/emotions that Spirit is asking you to heal and release yourself from.

3- It will give you guided messages from Spirit e.g where to go, what to do, encouragement to take a leap etc.

4- Confirmation e.g how you feel/felt, assurance for your current path, encouragement to take the leap down a new path etc

5- But most importantly… is here to be used by Spirit to guide you however they choose in whatever way they choose. Ultimately, there are no rules when it comes to Spiritual healing and growth. Let me encourage you to throw the rule book away and simply start to listen to your own inner guidance. That is the best way to use this site and the best way to approach the Spirit world (where nothing is impossible and knowledge is greater than what we know). Trust your own intuition and observe how much The universe and Spirit communicate. The more you listen, the more they speak.

Trust what you are drawn to read, no matter how many times you are drawn to read it.

Do not doubt what you are feeling or what you are seeing.

Awakening will likely turn your world upside down…or should I say, right side up.

It can be both confronting and painful but also an incredibly beautiful and ultimately soothing.

I love you. I care that you find truth. I care that you find absolute peace and happiness. Follow that trail. True peace and happiness can only lead to good things, although the road to get there, can be rocky and mountainous.

Keep going, eventually it will be smooth.

It’s time to release yourself from false things and false people and false self identification.

Spiritual awakening is about you. It is about stepping into authenticity and out of and away from anything that is not.

So how it works….

1-Look at the menu, allow yourself to be drawn in. Click whatever you feel drawn to. Trust your intuition. You shall receive the message you need. Allow the images in the language to speak to you. I use a lot of imagery, but there is always a clear message that will be for your own personal situation.

Give yourself time to process what you recieve.

Use everything on offer to aid in your healing journey, including modern medicine, psychology and counselling etc. be careful of dogmatism. Nothing is impossible, everything is useful. Take what is relevant, accept what speaks to you, move on from what doesn’t.

It can be heavy…but powerful.

Feel everything you need to, journal, write, speak, feel, cry, scream. Purge and release whatever arises in you (this is of utmost importance, because it is your truth). There are no wrong feelings…a little challenging perhaps. But never wrong.

Ask for guidance and trust your intuition first and foremost.

Don’t be afraid to re:read messages, I am often updating old messages as I am being called to. This site is a living thing that will continue to grow and evolve as Spirit moves me to grow and evolve. I am growing and learning with you, sometimes I share personal things also, as I receive messages. I will continue to build and improve what is already here.

Additionally I have also started a youtube channel called (LittleWren17 if you want to search in youtube) where I channel messages and use the tarot.

below is the link- you may have to copy and paste if the link isn’t activated (my apologies for the inconvenience).

All the best my friends, feel free to comment or write to me however you wish.

All my love to you always.


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