The Great Deception

I awaken

I am loath to see the steadfastness of my teachers

I feel Anger raise it’s blade

It is swift as it screams in fury

What is this evil?

It is contempt to me!

I have played the fool.

I have been swaddled with lies

Deception is in every nook and cranny

Laughing hysterically

It could not have cared less

It cared not for any outcome, other than it’s own extension

It’s own recreation

It’s own lust and indulgence

I am betrayed and I loathe them for it

“Who is the devil now?” I scream as the truth carves through their sticky web of deceit

I slash at it blindly as rage calls me hungrily into its arms

I stumble into them weakly…..heavily

Groaning as the light of my blade pierces my own eye’s with pain and with power

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