The Ship

I saw an old sailing ship with a large mast and many many sails

it was in the harbour raising it’s sails, readying for it’s maiden voyage

The sky was a vivid pink

The water was grey blue with traces of turquoise green, white and navy blue

I watched it slowly at first turning toward the opening of the harbour

It quickly became an image I was painting instead of a moving scene

I stood in the painting my back to the viewer my hair flying free

I saw flowers like a garland draping around the painting

But I heard and felt myself singing tunes that wished the voyagers well as they left the harbour

It was a happy and joyous song

There was a festiveness surrounding the entire occasion

Good things were going to happen

There was great joy and excitement in the air!

The birds were flying

Music was playing

The air was warm

I couldn’t see them but I felt that people were dancing in the streets by the harbour

Swinging on each others arms

Prosperity was assured

Everyone was smiling!

I felt myself saying incantations and prayers over the ship




I kept crinkling my nose and smiling

and speaking more!

Hurry hurry hurry!

You must go!

Go into your future!

Run into it!

It is awaiting you and so much is in store!

Do not tarry oh Voyager!

You are ready!!!

Do you see all that you desire is out to Sea

Raise the sails!

The world is ready to greet you!


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