To Uncover a Thief

We call them friends and family

We call them lovers and communities

We share our table and abundance with them

We love them


We trust them, because we ‘know’ them

We hold them in our arms and share our dreams and our beds

We integrate our lives with their lives

They are our closest

They are the people we call on for help and guidance

The people we go to for connection and sharing

They teach us

They worship us

They place us on pedestals

They even buy us lavish gifts……..

So who then do we truly trust, if we cannot trust those who surround us?

Who can we open our hearts to?

Who can we be vulnerable to?

Should we ever be vulnerable?

Who can we truly rest with and find our comfort and confidence in?

Not who….

But truth of course!

So what does that mean?

What if we’ve never seen or felt true love before?

What if Love has never been experienced or shown or been given before

How do you know what it truly feels like?

It will lift you, it never weighs you down.

It releases you to be you.

In fact it encourages your authenticity because the other parties enjoy it!

Trust yourself and your beautiful vulnerability

Remove yourself or discard anything or anybody from your space, who has no appreciation for your voice, your vulnerability or your authenticity.

Your heart will never lie to you

But many around you will.

Trust your intuition and your wonderful heart

Find the people you enjoy and those who enjoy you.

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