The Fall and The Rise

Meteors crash

Creating devastation everywhere they touch

Nothing can stand

Dust is it’s wake

Fire is it’s champion

and carnage is it’s steed

Tsunamis appear upon the horizon

Rising deceptively in the distance

Their strength and their power, leave bystanders off guard

They had perceived it in the distance

As a gentle thing that they could easily overcome

So they are left unprepared

Their mouths fall open in shock as they realise they were carelessly watching their impending doom

The opportunity to flee was lost

The riches of the ocean floor had seduced them as they lustfully had lunged down the ever expanding beach

Greed and hunger blinding them to the dangers

Many had no belief in such events

But events do not care for belief

The waters always return

As the seduced are swept up into confusing heights

Tsunami’s leave corpses hung in trees

Dangling from power lines for carion to feast upon

Seduction for things that belong in the depths

Fills the bellies of all the scavengers and the birds of prey

Onlookers in the mountains, scream and cry for their friends their families and their loved ones

But there is nothing to be done

Everyone is judged that day

Only the self is held to account

For no one can excuse the warnings and the signs

Our decisions and consequences on days and events such as these are swiftly judged

The consequence is immediate

No excuse will be voiced by any one on this day

For it is clear and beyond any doubt

No second hearing or bail is found in this court

Our choices are revealed

And the outcomes are righteous

2 thoughts on “The Fall and The Rise

  1. Three (3) nights of dreams now! Dreams that surround you. Laying here, anticipating what tonight’s will bring. Frustrated. Lacking understanding. Mind not at rest.


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