Have Faith

I don’t know about you, but for the last 2 days and especially today- I’ve been feeling some very dark and negative energy. I had a shocking and very sudden block in something that I was working on and it had been moving forward in an incredible way- I was ready for a big blessing, when all of a sudden it was blocked – It made me really doubt myself and put me in a position that made me feel really powerless. It potentially has the ability to completely alter my plans and ruin a lot of things I wanted to do. So of course I started checking in with myself.

These are a few oracle cards I pulled- and it really made me laugh. I recently bought some Shit affirmation oracle cards – and the ‘I shit you not‘ card flew out and landed on the ‘Have Faith‘ card.

How cool is that. The prayer card is self explanatory. But all the cards I pulled today were incredibly positive, they gave some reassurance. I literally don’t know what to do. But the answer is pretty clear right! I am never the less confused/blindsided and there ain’t nothing I can do about it. However please know that I am sending protection and prayers to those who need it. I can’t see it at the moment but something isn’t right. Something is up. I can feel it really badly. If you are feeling the same- then pray. Please pray for protection for me and for your loved ones. Pray for revelation of the truth and that all blocks are released…..and of course…Have faith, I shit you not!

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