The Three Monks

The fan stimulates the curtain

It dances seductively

Confusing the observer

Is it organic or object?

The window lights the dark room

The outside becomes cinematic to the observer

A solitary man sits black against its light

Highlighting his loneliness

His glass golden

His hat forlorn

The gaudy images on the wall laugh at their guests

They beckon, “Come with us and dismiss your woes”

But darkness is their surround

The lonely man’s appearance brightens before me

His food his satisfaction

His drink his comfort

The music cascades down his leg

Causing it to pulse

He resolves his agitations

Packs his bag

Returns his hat (which finds its’ purpose again)

A nod to the bartender completes the transaction

The man returns to his intentions


The observer also completes her station and moves to her purpose.

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