A Firm Foundation

Spirit speaks….

“Build your life upon a firm foundation…..

(Sunday School songs immediately spring to my mind..“The wise man built his house upon the rock…” but who or what is the rock? I ask)

“It is you”, Spirit says, “This is how…speak these words to yourself now.”

I build upon myself as the only foundation I should build upon

I trust that my value is not victim to any economy or any material gain or material loss

I trust that my worth is not tied to any other person or living thing

I trust that my feelings are the truest of compasses

I trust that my deepest desires are simply a reflection of my truth

I trust my truth without judgement and view it simply as an observer

I observe my feelings that arise as I observe my truth

Spirit says…

“Observe what emotions are based in fear or based in love.”

“All emotions are based in these. Consider removing beliefs that do not align with love.”

“You were made with love, therefore this is the fabric of who you are and therefore the foundation from which you should build.”

“Reflect and observe, what you have currently built upon.”

“Build your life upon a firm foundation.”

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