The Thirst

A gentle rain softly coats the earth


Not a breath of wind

The grass and the flowers lift their heads to drink it in

You can almost see them stand taller lifting stems higher

If they had feet you could imagine them standing on their tippy toes like thousands of little ballerina’s standing in the fifth position en Pointe

It is a beautiful scene

The rain is as gentle as the tears that escape, little is holding them in check

They release the pent up energy from deep wells that remain hidden from the sky and the sun

They are a source of sustenance wishing for release

Wishing to explode upon the Earth

To see it

To feed it

To be a part of it

For now, even though the waters are building as does the momentum

They are not ready to be fully released

But the time is coming

When the rain and the hidden waters can merge together

Feeding the Earth and all the living creatures that thirst terribly

Who feast upon each other because of famine and drought

Water is coming my friends

The wells are deep and abundant and satisfying

It shall not be much longer

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