Shadows and The Breath

She walks the stage

Behind the curtain

A memory flash

The first time she stood there

The shaking

The sickliness

The dampness that beaded

Remembering every discomfort and every fear

She wanted to run and give up on it

Fear of the masses engulfing

Their animosity

Their doubt and their disbelief.

Wafted to her from every corner

She had the talent

But her belief was wavering

Her future self spoke with her that day

It told her, it was going to be worth it

So stand where you must

Take a deep breath as you stand before the crowd who know you not

Be ready to stand and prove yourself worthy of the spotlight and the stage

The preparation was made

The skills were honed

She tells the crew to keep the curtains closed

Turn off the lights

The crowd cry out in surprise

As they quickly take their seats

Excited and nervous also

Taking a deep breath making sure that the crowd can hear it

They quieten and face the dark stage taking their seats

They don’t want to miss it

Another breath and a single note

She feels herself relax

She is in control

She will make the crowd believers

She is worthy of the stage

The spotlight

And the applause

But she remembers the audience then

She hears a cough and the restlessness of the masses

The creaking of seats

The occasional yawn

And the doubt that stirs in their faithless hearts

The fickleness of their love

The Star owns the audience when she does not doubt who she is

The Star sings in the darkness and the audience do not need to see to believe or know that talent and beauty is in the shadows and the light illuminates only a shell

The Star’s future lasts, so long as, the first note, is pure, strong and beautiful to hear.

The Spotlight adds a simple small token to the beauty that lies within

In the knowledge of this

She stands forward as a veteran

But never forgetting, the fickleness of the masses

Their ability to turn should she doubt herself for even a second

Her goal is not to please them anymore

Her goal is to please herself first

To find satisfaction and joy in her talent

The masses are of little or no consequence to The Star or her purpose.

She will sing anyway

Acknowledgement is her due

But her joy is her own regardless.

The music begins as does her joy

She smiles to herself enjoying the stage and the delight in her own creations and simply being.

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