Death, His Love and the Hope

Death sits calmly by the side of the suffering

The emaciated and the weary

He waits patiently.

Never looking at the clock or stirring impatiently

He does not tap his foot

Or groan as he waits upon us

He arrives beside us exactly on time

He does not blow a trumpet or sound a horn.

He has never lost a battle

He rides slowly in with a flag he waits to hand to you

He knows you will accept it

It is the white flag of surrender

He hands it to you before he goes to harvest

Sometimes he dismounts and simply stands patiently over us

You cannot see a twinkling eye or loving smile

Because Death is meant to be cloaked

He is not to influence

He wants us to fight to the end

To have a great and abundant yield

Dear Death does more than usher you into the afterlife

He is also with the living

He has been the reaper of many harvests with you

Yes the living! Yes many harvests!

He is the usher of change

To those that are marked for greatness and ascension

He is the aid for their suffering

He helps the living die to things that do not serve them

We have many harvests in our lives

He stands beside you as you tremble in fear at the thought of change

And the fear of the unknown

Ready to hand you the flag of surrender, knowing you will accept it

He knows that greater things are in store for you.

He knows when the harvest is ripe

A harvest of wisdom that eases suffering

Soothes the mind

Fills the stomach and heals the wounds

He is the ender of things that do not serve you

Surrender is his offering

The Ender yes.

But also the Birther of the true self

The usher of New life

His purpose lingers in the air around us





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