The Great Awakening-Twin Flames


The 11/11 portal has just closed…or should I say, exploded open rather!

The Divine Feminine’s have worked tirelessly to carry the burden of both the Divine Masculine and Feminine for healing and awakening the world to a new way on their own.

The Spirit world called them and they responded. They silently but steadily followed where they were called. They had to stand alone against unbelievable attack, obstacles and opposition. They were pulled away from their families, their jobs, their communities. As Spirit guided them away, it forced many of these structures to come crumbling down. It forced all of the people within these structures to look at themselves and to look around them and to be confronted by the toxicity that they continually reinforced. This act is still causing structures to tumble, like a domino effect, it has a lasting and ongoing effect far into the future. The crumbling of these structures will continue on into the future until every last tower has fallen. The Divine Feminines are coming to an end of their own healing or have completed the journey and the task they were commissioned to do before coming to Earth. They were born to upset, reveal and shed light into darkness. This has been a task that has carried many many burdens and caused great suffering for them. But they have succeeded. They are continuing to succeed. They have stood firm and unwavering and the Divine has seen it all. Dearest Divine Feminines, you are now going to be entering a time of abundance and blessing. You are going to experience profound protection from the Divine. Swift judgments fall upon those who wish to inflict harm upon you, and those who try, shall hide in fear from the retribution they receive- in the knowledge that you are divinely protected. You have stood firm and the Divine is grateful that you have. Your wishes will be granted because they are good wishes. You are now ready to receive. It is time for you to rest.

The Divine Feminines had to stand alone in every way to discover their strength and their purpose. They had to discover how powerful a leader they truly are. The Divine Feminines have proven themselves to the the entire Universe. THE UNIVERSES ARE ASTOUNDED.

The Divine Masculines are also now awakened and awakening. Unlike their Divine Feminines, who were quietly but steadily awoken by the Divine, The Masculines are awoken with a sudden ferocity, like an atomic bomb. It’s an awakening that powerfully shatters and silences everybody around them. Their toxic communities tremble at the Ferocious power of the Divine Masculines and no one can stand against them. They powerfully and suddenly see everything around them in full truth. This enrages them, they suddenly see the lack of integrity, the selfishness, and more importantly the injustice to the innocent around them. They are completely shaken by what they are seeing and by this seeing, they are immediately called to act upon it. The Divine Masculine is much more rapidly transformed than their counterparts, and true to their nature, they fiercely force change and do not take no for an answer. All the past manipulations that affected them previously, no longer works upon them. They call people out on lies. They no longer fear those who held power over them. They see through all the veiled threats, the false friendships and the emptiness that they were sold by the evil and deceptive people that surrounded them. This is a time for the Divine Masculine to truly be seen and heard and to stand powerfully as the King and the Emperor. All the suppression that the Divine Masculine experienced, is now being seen clearly for what is was. They now see themselves for who they are. Powerful Divine Chosen Leaders. They no longer seek assurance from others, they are assured by who they are, fully aware that they were the ones that others relied upon, not the other way around. (quick note- I just saw a vision where the animal kingdom sighs a deep relief, they have need the Masculine energy to protect them. As the Divine masculines awaken, animal rights shall be restored and protected. The masculines natural protective instincts kick into high gear as they remember their Divine calling in the Garden of Eden to care and protect Mother earth in all it’s beauty and its innocence. The animals are desperate for the Masculines to free them from the enslavements they are in. The More the masculines awaken the greater the care for Mother Gaia becomes.).

For now, the separation of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine continues.

It is an important time to set things straight and to live in their purest authentic selves.

The Divine Feminines can now blossom. Their beauty can now fully be on display. Where they were once hidden, they shall now be seen. Where they were once dormant, now they bloom, when every other flower has already withered, and once again they will stand alone, because she outgrew them all.

The Divine Masculines are stepping up and loudly setting things right. Order is forcibly restored. Wrongs are being made right. They are weeding out everyone and everything that has caused chaos or disruption in any way. The Masculines are also readying themselves by forcing people to see them and to let people know that they are also being seen. A deep commitment to truth and deep desire to protect the innocent is what is guiding them. Their appreciation for these values fills them with a peace and a joy that they cannot describe. It heals them and they crave it deeply.

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