The Tempest

I shower you with glass, stone and rubbish

I am the tempest

The things that you discarded so thoughtlessly

The stuff that you so quickly disposed

Out of your site and out of your mind

But I am the restoration of it all.

In an instant

With a ferocity that you thought others were over reacting to.

My ferocity is wildness

My power untamed

I am such that you shall both admire and fear me

You shall be sucked into a vacuum of your own creation

A vacuous screaming tower of everything broken and useful that you discarded without care or thought

Flesh shall be flayed

Stone shall be smashed to rubble

Metal shredded and bent like wheat

Water is hardened and instead of sustaining you, it shall pummel you instead

I am the tempest who returns the rubbish and trashed things that you so carelessly threw away.

This message is the mirror or sister to the ‘The Unveiled Bride” + ” Understanding power”

Until Death

March 2022

I would be lying if I haven’t felt the deepest fear

The greatest anxiety

The heaviest heartbreak, worse than I have ever felt before

Tears that feel unceasing

Pain ….like nothing ..I have …..ever…….

I feel my heart shutting down

Vessel by vessel

Chamber by chamber

As blood pools and valves become sluggish and floppy because they grow weary…for now…

I know.

Yes I know

I know, what love is

I know I cannot live without it

I have tried

Burning and thrashing at the cords that bind me to it!

Biting at my own flesh to release myself from you



Different loves




Until I was spent

You are my greatest torment

but you are my love

You have been the guide that was the only one who could bring me to my knees

The only one who could heal me

I see you in your despair, and I know

I know that we are one

And my heart breaks for you

Just as your heart is breaking

I see you kiss me in the darkness

And I am restored

I know what love is

The unconditional love that you hear about in fairy tales

I am surrendered

I await you

I await your surrender

You are forever in my heart and my mind

and there is nothing I can do about it.

You are in the depths of me

You are the tide in the the chambers of my heart

That I so willingly sail.


Originally written 7/7/2020

I have the strength to carry you a thousand miles

To raise you above my head as we cross floods and swollen burgeoning wild rivers

Holding my breath knowing I can make it

I can make it for the both of us

I can sweat blood as I cross the desserts whilst you ride upon my shoulders

Because I have the strength of a thousand horses

I will cross searing coals and jagged glaciers barefoot for the simple touch of your hand upon my shoulder or for the simple twinkle in your eye or the slightest wrinkle of a smile upon your lips

Don’t ask me twice for anything or else you whip me with insult!

My strength is more powerful, more determined, more fierce than any warrior

Than any army

Than any Tsunami



or Government.

But deny me your love….

And watch as I fade slowly..

An iron Tower that lies listless at the mercy of the sea




A forgotten and dormant stronghold

A giant that sleeps and is swallowed slowly by the Earth and the Sea

The Second Judgment

To those who have inflicted the vulnerable and the innocent with many pains

The second judgement is upon you

For still, you do not listen

The sorrow of those who followed you into heartache and suffering because they knew no better and you tended to the vulnerable with hate, dishonor and disrespect,

You shall be expelled from them forever

There is garbage and refuse that surround you

It’s stench offends us

There is no incense of perfume that can cover your putrid acts

The hearts that you have laid bare with the intent to destroy and mock

Shall be raised up and glorified for their integrity, their truth and their innocence

But the wound that you inflicted we shall heal

But it shall never close over again

The world will honor the grief and the suffering of those unmistakable wounds

For you have sealed your name upon them

Your lust for power and recognition shall be granted

As the perpetrator of the wounded

And the survivors of your conniving schemes and false care, shall thank you for releasing them to the knowledge of their worth and their value and they shall now have sight

For they have learnt the value of the heart

They have learnt what love is not

They have learnt what goodness is not

They can now discern between lies and truth

For if it were not for your evil deeds

Mankind would never discern the difference between what is good and what is evil

The wounded shall feast from a plentiful harvest

But you shall never be able to discern between good and evil because although you enjoy good fruits, you despise its appearance

You shall also have a harvest, but it shall be a harvest of famine

The Universe bestows upon you the evil fruit that you so desperately pluck

And the wounded can now harvest from the tree with the knowledge of which fruit is good and which fruit is rot

You have handed them the keys to the Universe and all the power that it contains, that you have so desperately craved

The Sorrow

There is sorrow in the air

I see it land a mortal wound into the centre of your chest

It leaves a giant gaping wound

It’s sides flapping open like a giant manta ray gliding in the deep

Flap flap the edges bounce they bounce with your every step

Your heart lies unprotected and vulnerable for the first time

Today, you have been seen for who you truly are

As the light touches for the first time what has only known darkness

You stand with your hands in your pockets

Resigned to your fate…whatever that may be..

You allow all to look upon you and your giant gaping wound

As your heart continues to beat

The people who watched you as that sword fell

Turn away

Unable to look upon it

They feel disgust as you bleed openly before them

Peace falls upon you like you’ve never felt before

As one by one the onlookers flee the room as you stand with your hands in your pockets

For the first time the wisdom of silence speaks so clearly to you

“Let them go.” Wisdom says

“For those who love you, will love your heart the most. They will honor it. They will appreciate it. They will look upon you as wise, and beautiful.”

“It will be your compass and guide. It will be the lighthouse in the darkest of storms.”

“Honor it, in the knowledge that the lovers of the light, will be drawn to it also, like a moth to a flame.”

“It will draw those who appreciate the truth.”

“It will draw those who appreciate their own hearts, who have also been exposed and learnt their worth.”

For those who have eyes to see and those who have ears to hear

Love can now fall upon you

The Universe and her Conscious Creation

“Let me satiate you.” She naively whispered the first time

He tastes her innocently unwittingly opening the portal to all his desires.

“I wish to devour you!” he screams ravenously

The Universe quivers

She listens to his desires

Awaiting for him to hear them for himself

She must play Mother until the creation realises his own sentience

The Universe is ready

She is the endlessly expansive creator

He is the incessant hungry explorer

The Universe and her own insatiable sentient creation

Tumbling over each other

They endlessly expand together

She creates his every desire for him to explore endlessly

He consciously embraces her freedom to run ahead of him as she hangs the stars wherever she desires also.

They exist together in perfect unison

Creator and Creation in mutual desire

The Magnificent Divine Masculine

He stands at the gate with a shepherds crook

He whistles sweetly yet shrilly

Onlookers can hear them before they are seen

The sounds of excited calls from an enthusiastic flock can be heard

At first it comes randomly from across the paddocks and hillsides.

He whistles again and he smiles as they respond back in unison

They appear at first like water spilling from all corners of the paddock in streams and dribs and drabs from all the hidden places

White and pure and fast

The Flock run to him smiling with enthusiasm

They froclick with joy

The noise becomes a cacophony as they join together moving as one

They no longer require separation from each other

They are silly and unrestrained as they run to him

Even the elders of the flock cannot contain themselves, neither do they try to.

They do not require insistence to come when he calls

They race willingly to his side

They had known to remain hidden during the day awaiting his call

And come they did, at the very first whistle

The second was only for fun

They knew his call

To his side they ran

Circling him, they leapt around him calling loudly in greeting and uncontainable excitement

He honoured them with his care of them

They honoured him with their wool and their warmth

United they were strength against the cold and against the predators that lurk

The Fall and The Rise

Meteors crash

Creating devastation everywhere they touch

Nothing can stand

Dust is it’s wake

Fire is it’s champion

and carnage is it’s steed

Tsunamis appear upon the horizon

Rising deceptively in the distance

Their strength and their power, leave bystanders off guard

They had perceived it in the distance

As a gentle thing that they could easily overcome

So they are left unprepared

Their mouths fall open in shock as they realise they were carelessly watching their impending doom

The opportunity to flee was lost

The riches of the ocean floor had seduced them as they lustfully had lunged down the ever expanding beach

Greed and hunger blinding them to the dangers

Many had no belief in such events

But events do not care for belief

The waters always return

As the seduced are swept up into confusing heights

Tsunami’s leave corpses hung in trees

Dangling from power lines for carion to feast upon

Seduction for things that belong in the depths

Fills the bellies of all the scavengers and the birds of prey

Onlookers in the mountains, scream and cry for their friends their families and their loved ones

But there is nothing to be done

Everyone is judged that day

Only the self is held to account

For no one can excuse the warnings and the signs

Our decisions and consequences on days and events such as these are swiftly judged

The consequence is immediate

No excuse will be voiced by any one on this day

For it is clear and beyond any doubt

No second hearing or bail is found in this court

Our choices are revealed

And the outcomes are righteous

The Divine Feminine

I am the impetus

The creator

The lover of all things beautiful

I am the lover of this world

The influencer and the being, the god and the well of life

I create all that is good and right and true

“carry me upon the wind and watch me grow wherever it is I am blown.”

” Oh storm you cannot contain nor destroy!”

A moth that hides and waits for the rains and the perfect season

I am a Bunya pine that sends its roots deep.

Watch as my fruit drop heavily upon the heads of the unconscious

Beware the coming of greatness

She flowers upon the new moon

And there will be nowhere her blossom is not seen.