The Magic

As golden dust falls from heaven

Inspiration awakens

My mouth opens

As I inhale it

Like manna from heavan

I feel it ripple through my body

As I begin to write, speak or paint

The words are warm

I see my breath appear like a small cloud on a cold winters day

I speak to you, the way you need to hear it

The words form gently as they appear perfectly

I see visions of animals, plants, rocks and streams that speak to me as sentient beings

I must quickly capture them or else they disappear eternally

They bring messages of wisdom

Words of love

Or they teach me about different realities that many cannot see

Golden dust sparkles upon everything they show me

Glowing almost sensually

Beckoning you to read, to hear to see

They seduce you to listen

The words will intoxicate and soothe, like water in an arid dessert

It is the abundance you crave and the inspiration you seek

Breath it in

Fill yourself upon it

See how it thrills

How it satisfies

How it spreads itself through the universe

Exploding magic to every heart and to every corner of the world

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