It’s ok

It’s ok to say what must be said

Despite the eruptions

And the volcanic gases

Words are hard to find

And sometimes they hurry out like a bullet from a gun

Blood is usually shed

Invisible cords that tie

Are cut

They are attached elsewhere

We know what we want

We know what must be done

But it doesn’t stop blood shed

Or forest fires

Ashes will be left in the wake of it

But glorious things are born of them

Love holds no bounds

And if there be love

Then be ready my friend

Apocolypsies and regeneration and the pioneering of new lands

Growth always arises

And love always finds a way.

Natures Caress

My skin gently tests the breeze

It is the perfect ambient temperature

I feel as if I could be one with it

I see myself in my minds eye

I am the breeze.

Floating over the back fence

Dreamily caressing the earth

Making a flower bob its head

It smiles at me

I smile back

Kissing its sunny bouncing face

I stretch my hands wide over the grass

Creating gentle rolling waves

Breathing in

I taste sweetness

Is this what the sun tastes like?

Dewy and light



Nature is under its spell

Everywhere, every creature

Takes in this moment


Like a baby after feeding

All sit gently

Quietly soaking in the moment

No cold shocks

Or stressing heat


All meditate on it

Knowing it is fleeting

I too work my way to the garden

Drawn to nature

And its hypnotic call

I lie myself into the grass

Embracing natures caress

Why I Love You.

You walk a line that nobody else does

You see what others cannot

Your perception and attraction to truth

Emboldens you

Ignoring fear

But feeling it none the less

Bravery and compassion in the moments that really count

As playful as a puppy

(I hope this never changes)

Embracing the ridiculous

You throw off inhibitions

And dance in the street

High on life and living in the moment

Intelligence and wit

Combined with vulnerability,

They smash together creating explosions of sensitivity and passion

Everything you apply is done fast and furious

Fuelling my passions

You are my muse

You calculate while I philosophy

You feel everything

And understand easily

You cannot be swayed easily

Yet you know when to humbly concede wrongs

The perfect mixture of pride and humility

Why do I love you?

How can a woman stand against you?

You smash my barriers

Despite my resistance

A crumbling sappy mess

You are the form of my dreams and the prescription from the universe


Eternally bound by a marriage of blood

Forced to spend a life time with persons who feel free to offer their opinions with out invitation


Normal bounds are crossed and left upon the stoop

Some become eternal friends and soulmates

Whilst others use military strategies to bomb and destroy

Mortal enemies

Attack and retreat

……………………… Attack and retreat

The ultimate competitor

And the cheapest of friends

The keeper of expectations

The betrayer of all secrets

The comforter and the abandoner

I shall call you Sister or Brother

I will protect you like no other


Faraway above the precipice

Sunlight sharpens the water

Blades and shards flash like sharpened steel

The sun and water are the great Illusionist with his Assistant

They collide together on stone and sand

Crashing together like a Giant smashing glass


I strain to hear it

Humming faint as my own heart beat



Calling me

Like a smitten sailor to sirens and the vicious rocks

Gnashing at me with vicious teeth

I hold out my hand to it

I know the risk

I reach for it anyway

Desire to tame it

Out weighing the dangers

Let me tame you fierce monster from the depths

With all the rocks the wind the dangers and the risks

Let me lay my hand upon your head

Calm the fires from your belly

Be the dragon that stays itself

Be powerful and larger than life

Hold your strength with dignity and ferocity

People know not to stand against you

I look you in the eye

The gnashing ceases

The sirens song is silenced

Finally we stand as one


Eye to eye

The vibrations and hum

Filling our bodies

Now, I can caress your face

I hold it in my two hands

I kiss your cheek


Friends at last.

New Resolutions (Despite the Cliché)

Nothing stands in my way

But I drag false things into my path



Like stones piled before me

I build

Holding myself back

Overwhelmed by the vast plains of possibility

This year, I shall throw down one stone at a time

I hold a chisel and mallet in my hands

A shovel lies by my side

I will seek out the things that hold me back

Fear shall not shackle me this year



Love will be set aside for now….. an incurable romantic …… it will never be far from my mind (smiley face)

But ambition…..


The blue prints are drawn

Time to start building



Sometimes settling a little

But never going backwards.