The Answer Is No

The offers are many

I will give you half a plate of the perfect meal

The answer is no.

I will give you my hand but you shall never have my heart

The answer is no.

I will give you my body but you shall never have my mind

The answer is no.

I will give you my humour but never my time

The answer is no.

I will give you a glimpse but never the full picture

The answer is no.

I will give you my sex but not my care

The answer is no.

I will give you a little but never enough

The answer is no.

I will offer you a bounty of kind words, but scarcity of action

The answer is no.

I will show you plenty but leave you in need.

The answer is no.

I will offer you my eye’s but you cannot have my ears

The answer is no

To receive a full cup, only an equally full cup is worthy of exchange.

The offers we receive are a reflection of the fullness of the cup that we hold.

The Ship

I saw an old sailing ship with a large mast and many many sails

it was in the harbour raising it’s sails, readying for it’s maiden voyage

The sky was a vivid pink

The water was grey blue with traces of turquoise green, white and navy blue

I watched it slowly at first turning toward the opening of the harbour

It quickly became an image I was painting instead of a moving scene

I stood in the painting my back to the viewer my hair flying free

I saw flowers like a garland draping around the painting

But I heard and felt myself singing tunes that wished the voyagers well as they left the harbour

It was a happy and joyous song

There was a festiveness surrounding the entire occasion

Good things were going to happen

There was great joy and excitement in the air!

The birds were flying

Music was playing

The air was warm

I couldn’t see them but I felt that people were dancing in the streets by the harbour

Swinging on each others arms

Prosperity was assured

Everyone was smiling!

I felt myself saying incantations and prayers over the ship




I kept crinkling my nose and smiling

and speaking more!

Hurry hurry hurry!

You must go!

Go into your future!

Run into it!

It is awaiting you and so much is in store!

Do not tarry oh Voyager!

You are ready!!!

Do you see all that you desire is out to Sea

Raise the sails!

The world is ready to greet you!


Do you know?

Can you see who you are?

Let me tell you what I see.

I see a white circle that sits like a sun within your heart space.

It is living.

It is so pure that nothing else can reside in it that is not.

It is pure white and absolutely radiant

I can not take my eyes off it

It creates a ball of emotion than comes over me every time I think of it.

It wells up painfully, because when you see purity and innocence it cannot help but make you smile.

But it is painful because you don’t seem to see it.

I fear for you.

I fear that the evil that is around you has blinded you to who you really are.

Radiance, purity, honesty and sweetness washes over everybody you meet.

And you have no idea.

But I do.

Every time you speak.

Every time you laugh.

Every time…..everything..

White radiant pure light bubbles out of your eyes and your mouth when you smile and you laugh.

The darkness is around you. It is not in you.

You are light.

Balancing the Scales

True love exists when seeing the true nature of an individual fills you with absolute joy

When it pains you to see their suffering but you allow them to go through it, because you believe in their rights to grow and learn on their own terms.

You allow them to choose their own path every single time without intervention

You are the balm of many many people

It is time for you to become the balm for yourself

You can only blame yourself for accepting less and the pain it brings

The takers will keep taking and give nothing, but never feel satisfied

The givers will continue to give and receive nothing, and never feel satisfied

“I can see my role in it.

But Spirit, how do I balance it?

How do I learn to take what is rightfully mine, and give with wisdom and discernment?”


By understanding ownership.

The narcissist believes they are owed everything, that they have a right to everything. They justify stealing this way

When a taker tries to take from someone who knows and firmly believes in what is rightfully theirs

War quickly ensues

But it also quickly subsides, as the taker (although confused at first) is forced to accept it as a loss…despite the fact it is actually properly balanced and fair.

Givers must learn to take and accept abundnace and hold onto it.

Takers must learn to give and accept loss and to learn generosity

Both are equally responsible for the imbalances created and the suffering that ensues from these imbalances.”

The Cut

The sword fell swiftly



It did not flinch or shake or pause

The cord had been clamped

But only one wields the blade

It is held with a ferocity even they did not expect

“It is finished!!” they shout

The wielder both sobs and screams

As the other side floats suddenly into blackness

The wielder is surprised by the silence

The peace

And the sense of calm they suddenly feel

Dawning on them, how easy it was

A slow smile crept to their entire face

The sword was placed securely into it’s sheath, by their side, ready at any moment should it be required, yet safely secured.

Away they walk, a slight skip to the step

Their head held high

And their back to the the black.

The Joy of Insight

The blindfold drops but it does not flutter gently down to our feet like a lovely dream

It falls like a boulder down a mountain

or a cannon ball dropped onto the sailors foot instead of going into the cannon.

Insight, understanding or wisdom is feeling the truth

Feeling the truth changes us in an instant.

No amount of of logic or reason can guard us, direct us or teach us the way feeling does

Utterly humble yourself with absolute gratitude when it comes

It will turn your feet in the opposite direction

Spin you on your head

To transform you immediately

And you will never ever again forget or repeat any lesson you have learnt in that moment.

Those truths that are felt become our foundations, our beliefs and our values

Those feelings are your courage, your boundaries and the thing that will make you unshakable under any circumstance.

This is what it is meant to be grounded and confident, and it is something that cannot be faked.

It is an energy that is within you.

You will see people change towards you when it happens.

Problems will quickly dissipate as you act upon your wisdom, fear will disappear. Paths will be cleared and rest shall be bestowed upon you.

Joy is quick to follow.

Deep inner knowing is simply feeling the truth as well as knowing it.

It is not enough just to know.

It is also not enough just to feel

Let the Islands of Knowledge and Feeling be joined together in a marriage that is equally yoked together. One cannot exist without the other and both are weak without the other

Enjoy the beauty of both my Loves

Enjoy the confidence and the joy they both bring you.

Search until the two are joined and unified

Experience what you must until you understand both logically and emotionally

Observe the patterns and the lessons that come upon you

They are sent with love to teach and guide you from the spirits, the ancestors and the Divine so that you can ascend

To step into your power

Your authenticity

To become the ultimate and best you can become

To be the happiest

The most fulfilled

To live the best life you can live without any doubts, regret, fear, guilt or shame.

The Carnage and the Silence

The carrion lay in small mounds and little divots

Across the creeks and dangling in bushes waving in the wind as eerie puppets with open mouthed grins controlled by devils and and evil Lords

The King sits astride his steed


He stares across the open grave

It remains silent, as only a graveyard can

The breeze, the dead, the King and his steed

His steed reads his mind and gently, carefully picks his way across the field knowing where to go fully aware of the gravity of the moment

The King simply sits and allows himself to view every body before him. He allows the gravity of the decisions he made to sink deeply into his sinew and bones. He learns by his mistakes. He accepts wisdom with gratitude if it means even one could be saved.

The Steed lifts each hoof delicately, he checks where to step, being sure it is clear of death, disease and sorrow.


Shoulders back with a smile on her face

Another notch on her belt

Feeling her heart warm



Understanding that all have fallen

All have fallen

Walking….no.. marching….no.. running

Not a glance behind

As her feet spark fire that leaves ash in it’s wake

All have fallen

Not a care for a single one

Should any remain standing

They stand as those that stand as worthy

Understanding Power

Power stands in solidarity with Truth

Power does not require the taking of anything from any other source

The individual who stands alone

In authenticity and fearlessness of it’s own self

In joy of it’s own self

In understanding of it’s boundaries, are indeed, the most powerful

Power refuses what does not serve authenticity

It identifies easily what is not authentic

It takes action towards authenticity-not allowing anything to stand in it’s way

Power and bullying are often confused

The bully steals, manipulates and lies to achieve it’s outcomes. It always requires a second party to take from, to attain what they desire.

A bully suffers from the fear of lack. When they see someone who has abundance, it triggers that fear of lack from within them.

It triggers a response that desires to take from another what they feel they lack.

The fear of lack triggers many dark responses from within us.

Procrastination, addiction, jealousy, envy, spite, revenge, manipulation, competition.

Any of these responses within us will lead to theft.

True power, requires no other source to satisfy itself

Power attached to authenticity easily pushes away the bully

The authentic self, harnesses it’s own resources from within.

It understands what it can do

It understands and joyfully accepts responsibility for it’s own actions

It runs towards success with joy

Cheering itself on and celebrating every win on it’s own without the need for any external affirmation

It celebrates and encourages others as they succeed because it is full and satisfied with it’s own success

Empowerment friends, is knowing that the self is enough.