The Strength and the Knowing

Holding a hand up in a fist

Kneeling as a knight before an enemy




Bowing of the head and closing of the eyes

Sweat dripping down the brow

As shoulders heave with every aching breath

The body is weak but the mind is strong

Holding vision with inner strength

A shaking fist is better than none at all

If that is all there is…

Then defiance and determination, shall lead an army through the growing darkness of the eve, into the light of a new and victorious dawn.

Listening And The Joy Of The Universe

I wrote earlier about towers and appreciating these powerful externally destructive situations or crazy new paths that appear out of no where and they feel like the worst case scenario. We are forced to walk down these paths, because it is literally a life and death situation.

We do not take these paths because we want to.

We feel overwhelmed, anxious, fearful at the thought of them.

We don’t like them because we can not see round the corner.

So the universe sends us these situations to show us that we must take them.

We are the fool standing on the precipice

We are at our most fearful when we look over the edge.

So the universe sends us angels that poke us with fiery blades that are far worse than jumping off.

But once we jump, we are forced to use our wings…the ones we didn’t know we had.

Suddenly we are enjoying the descent.

And as we look back at the cliff we see those angry angels who we feared so much – smiling and waving and cheering and laughing at our surprise and joy that we are discovering how incredible we are and how much fun it is to fly.

Friends I can’t see around the corner…..but I am listening….Universe I hear you!

I’m kinda excited….smiley face…I release control after purging myself of fears and ready myself for action.

Sometimes being thrown in the deep end, is the greatest way of showing ourselves who we really are and what we are really made of.

Thank you cheeky Universe


The Present

Let me wrap you a gift



Whispering magical blessings and hopes and caresses as my energy fills you with delight

I will smile with joy as you open it wrecklessly with total abandon and eagerness

Today is to honor yourself – pay yourself homage for your light and your own presence

From dawn until dusk as new moons rise and old suns set

Today the world rejoices about the gift of you

Have Faith

I don’t know about you, but for the last 2 days and especially today- I’ve been feeling some very dark and negative energy. I had a shocking and very sudden block in something that I was working on and it had been moving forward in an incredible way- I was ready for a big blessing, when all of a sudden it was blocked – It made me really doubt myself and put me in a position that made me feel really powerless. It potentially has the ability to completely alter my plans and ruin a lot of things I wanted to do. So of course I started checking in with myself.

These are a few oracle cards I pulled- and it really made me laugh. I recently bought some Shit affirmation oracle cards – and the ‘I shit you not‘ card flew out and landed on the ‘Have Faith‘ card.

How cool is that. The prayer card is self explanatory. But all the cards I pulled today were incredibly positive, they gave some reassurance. I literally don’t know what to do. But the answer is pretty clear right! I am never the less confused/blindsided and there ain’t nothing I can do about it. However please know that I am sending protection and prayers to those who need it. I can’t see it at the moment but something isn’t right. Something is up. I can feel it really badly. If you are feeling the same- then pray. Please pray for protection for me and for your loved ones. Pray for revelation of the truth and that all blocks are released…..and of course…Have faith, I shit you not!

A Firm Foundation

Spirit speaks….

“Build your life upon a firm foundation…..

(Sunday School songs immediately spring to my mind..“The wise man built his house upon the rock…” but who or what is the rock? I ask)

“It is you”, Spirit says, “This is how…speak these words to yourself now.”

I build upon myself as the only foundation I should build upon

I trust that my value is not victim to any economy or any material gain or material loss

I trust that my worth is not tied to any other person or living thing

I trust that my feelings are the truest of compasses

I trust that my deepest desires are simply a reflection of my truth

I trust my truth without judgement and view it simply as an observer

I observe my feelings that arise as I observe my truth

Spirit says…

“Observe what emotions are based in fear or based in love.”

“All emotions are based in these. Consider removing beliefs that do not align with love.”

“You were made with love, therefore this is the fabric of who you are and therefore the foundation from which you should build.”

“Reflect and observe, what you have currently built upon.”

“Build your life upon a firm foundation.”


Living the high life and drowning in luxuries

Adornments, that crown the ego

When living in high towers with expansive views, make us feel powerful and above …because you are…above?

When coming down into the masses feels dirty and offensive

Do you remember once upon a time, when you felt excitement at the thought of opportunity and the idea of living above?

When creativity was tantamount and necessary to achieve success

Do you remember that feeling?

Or do you now feel suffocated and fearful about the descent

Because once you wanted to rise so you would be seen and admired

Beware friends

That rising is a wonderful and joyous and exciting experience a good and wonderful thing

But the desire for admiration and being seen can also catch you in nooses and traps that leave you hanging from the towers, that you once so desperately desired and now you cling to.

Our desires are the sign posts that tell us where our path shall lead us.

The time to observe is now.

Discovering the Self

I have removed all shame

I was surprised by all the good things I could see


I am a Venus

I am sensual

Someone who understands their power and their destiny

My body

My presence

My voice

I am beauty

And I command attention

I step forward without remorse

Without apology

I step into my pleasure

As I quench my own desires (because they are good desires)

With control and fierce independence

I am in total command of myself




I am power and truth

Admiration and even jealousy drive me from strength to strength

As those who wish to destroy are cut out eternally from my path

They will not block me

I will stand in my power as I judge for myself rightly

I increase

I strengthen

I will always rise from those who cannot stand me doing this

I will always discover those who hold no conviction about their own beauty or power

I warn them now – that if you watch me with desire to harm or even hold hateful thought towards me…

That I will quietly but consistently overcome you

I am gently rising tsunami that will surpass you and that you will never see coming

To Uncover a Thief

We call them friends and family

We call them lovers and communities

We share our table and abundance with them

We love them


We trust them, because we ‘know’ them

We hold them in our arms and share our dreams and our beds

We integrate our lives with their lives

They are our closest

They are the people we call on for help and guidance

The people we go to for connection and sharing

They teach us

They worship us

They place us on pedestals

They even buy us lavish gifts……..

So who then do we truly trust, if we cannot trust those who surround us?

Who can we open our hearts to?

Who can we be vulnerable to?

Should we ever be vulnerable?

Who can we truly rest with and find our comfort and confidence in?

Not who….

But truth of course!

So what does that mean?

What if we’ve never seen or felt true love before?

What if Love has never been experienced or shown or been given before

How do you know what it truly feels like?

It will lift you, it never weighs you down.

It releases you to be you.

In fact it encourages your authenticity because the other parties enjoy it!

Trust yourself and your beautiful vulnerability

Remove yourself or discard anything or anybody from your space, who has no appreciation for your voice, your vulnerability or your authenticity.

Your heart will never lie to you

But many around you will.

Trust your intuition and your wonderful heart

Find the people you enjoy and those who enjoy you.

The Line

Love carries every burden

it listens steadily

it never wavers

It never ceases to hope

But do not be fooled my friends and my dearest

Love holds strength that does not pity those that seek to take

It does not wilt under pressure or over give to those that only take

It draws the line each time another tries to blur it

It digs in under threat of war or treason

It does not betray it’s own lands to maintain alliances with those who offer falseness or in fact declare you unfair when you set any terms of agreement that are equal in give and equal in take.