Opportunity and Ambition

Reward lies in the carriage of patience

Risk offers all reward

 Not for many

The path lies narrow

Idea’s taking up all the space

Until it can be not more than anything but complete

Urgent and full of purpose

A natural flow

By design and discrete

Opening up to fuller life

More than full

 I shall have you

I shall play the fool




How Slow the Night

Eyes roam darkness

Searching anything that might take focus

Aimless as drifters

And wide as a full moon

Hope springs eternal for the blackness to seep blessedly into the mind

A gentle cloud to summon rest and restoration

Bodily ready as if for crucifixion

Arms open welcoming fairies and magic dust

Prayers uttered

Give me rest and all will be yours


Shadows cast long upon tiring lands

 Eagerly clattering into darker spaces,

creatures scurry to holes and caverns

Calls to salute the eve and send salutations to neighbours,

escalate and fade as each return to homes for rest

and capitulations

Noses nuzzle

Wings cover chicks

Body and warmth shared with the beloved

Starlight awakens the night shift

Adorning skies as diamonds against black velvet

Coveted by man

and guiding all who seek understanding





My House

My house

 Will have walls of wood and stone

Wide planks and earthen floors facing a garden where wild things come

 A conservative that gives warmth to everyone

A fire place wide and made with stone

It shall be where stories are told and dogs and cats fight for the warmest place

A large farmhouse table in the kitchen that feeds and warms all who come through

 white shiplap walls and a black cast iron stove.


As rare as diamond from dark pressured reaches

Canons are sounded when one is founded

Represented as holy

Created for one only

Placed upon a region

Known to all

In all seasons

You are held in my hand

My heart and my reason

I give it to you

My hand

My heart

My reason