The noose is tightened

As fighting increases

Binoculars stare fixed

Into the the distance

Excitedly watching

The prey keep wiggling

Mouths start watering

As fires are stoked and veggies are steaming

Bodies start wilting

While breath is quickening

Hastily leaping

Before it goes missing.

The Mountain and the Nameless

I called upon the mountain

“Tell me your strength.”

The mountain said, “I am as strong as the valley’s and the caverns that lie beneath.”

I asked “how do you sit so boldly against the sky? Adorning yourself with glacial jewels and crowning mist?”

“How can I be anything else?” The mountain replied

“My name is Majestic, tell me what is yours?”

I do not know, I thought to myself,

I wondered now,



The earth has retreated

Pulling itself inwards

If it can’ t find water then it seeks blood

Anything to quench it

I hold dust in my hands

Sowing it over the alter

The skies stare down beautifully

Over a harvest of skeletons.

For Radisson….. sometimes we have to wait patiently for rain. Thank you for the drink x

The Gift

Start writing.

Carving stone with a feathered quill

Wading upon the depths of the breaths of the gods, who stammer out rules that no one can abide

I walk beside ponds that are shallow as they are round, and bask in the warmth of dying suns

Stars are born, littering the path

Steps are lighter and the path is brighter.


Waiting for time to slip silently


Lies cave in with tumult and sound

Crushing bystanders and those in the wake of it

Friends…hold tight standing firm.

Lovers…..never let go…

Everybody else …slips

As stones and catastrophes slide effortlessly down

Like butter in a hot skittle

And whisky down a parched throat.

Poetic Healings

I am a funnel of dreams

Spewing out like a smoking furnace

Encapsulating a fleeting response to catastrophes and carving them into stone for people to relive and be relieved

Catapulting the unconscious into the conscious

I will tear apart walls

and reveal the truth to all who ask

Seek and you will find

Healing happens within the walls of your mind