The Heights

Father Time …. I lock you away

I chain you to  the Earth

Mother guard Him  in the deep

Keep Him at bay!

…………….What if ….. for one day,

I could stand at the top of a mountain and scream

“I am the conqueror!”

“I have conquered you!”

“I have won!”

That day I will make Time stand still

and hold Him there forever.


I am still

Quiet transcendent

Nothing stirs

Not a quiver

I shall not speak

Silence at my core

Change shall emerge

As I cocoon

Pain reprimands me to remain patient

Purpose shall arise

And light new paths

Understanding shall applaud the narrow way


Pain holds the whip, looking at me with warning.

Smoulder and Ashes

Lightening strikes fire into the depth of the ancient

It smoulders silently

Waiting for the wind to turn it.

Rich ash adorning her feet

Seeds blow on gentle breezes

Landing delicately

Testing soils

One stretches itself tall

Not satisfied at all

An upgust

Above the canopy

It flutters mysteriously

On a marionette?

What hands guide it?

Where shall it rest?

Boughs stretch open across the land

Cupped tenderly towards it

An upgust

It continues to seek

The Ancient smoulders gently

Wealth at her feet

Stand Out

I wait


 I wait


As the plain

 The simple

The skilled

 The talented

Parade before me

 Masquerading themselves

 Craving attention

I stand as one within the crowd

While they wave and cheer

No one stops.

I wonder as they all leer and encourage themselves

Repulsion tightens the throat


Who can stand it?


Bring forth a  Knight on a stable steed of Wonder

With a sword of Truth

And a helmet of Courage


Show him to me


And I will follow him anywhere.



Fill this cup with water and milk

Stir it firmly

As the sugar melts slowly

Deftly following a path well tread

All is known

Nothing need be  said

No need to look things over


Hands held tightly

Or one pats a shoulder

A smile lights up your face

As you sip your tea slowly




Idols sit high above heads of worshippers

Locked away in tall towers

Fantasised about

The warm and supple walk dirt paths that stick to them

Feet are caked in the earth they travel

They wash it off to stand in the presence of something greater than themselves

The sun sets and eyes follow it

It calls them to places that are unknown

While religious monuments stay locked away

Holding idealism in their outstretched arms

Madonna stands graciously offering redemption and kindness

For a shiny penny or an act of penance

My feet shall retain their dirt

As I pass by Madonnas door

My eyes shall remain downcast

As fallen as an apple to the ground

For dust is my kin and earth is where I shall return

If I lie in it to rest

Or stand in it to live