Moving forward


Freedom YES!

Information brings forth wisdom and the path is now clear!!

Raise the banners

Sound the trumpets

Bring forth the wine and let the feasting begin!

Another Kingdom announces an heir!

The Empress in her kingdom sends forth gifts and blessings in regard to their prosperity

Congratulations are in order!

There is so much to be celebrating!

The union of lovers and the blessing of their union is much to be desired!

Strength and the over flowing of a happy union

The Empress is abundant in wisdom

She see’s across her kingdom and it pleases her well

The knowledge of her Strength is a power that even she didn’t understand

But she does now

Her Kingdom is well guarded against any attack

The thieves have been caught

They are locked away

Their sentence set

She casts her eye’s to the horizon

Across the Sea she see’s her future

Excitement making her feet dance

Her wish is going to be granted

Since her kingdom is now in order

She takes her place alongside the dancing maidens

As she lifts her skirts and dances until the moon is set

and the Sun warms the edge of the horizon

She knows

As she dances as light as a feather

Like a bird on the wing.

Chasing Enlightenment

Charging towards enlightenment

With every piece of energy that could be mustered

I was charged with this as my duty

Naivety was my steed

I galloped towards it

Riding high upon her




I could see arrows descending towards me

I easily shielded myself from them

Cutting them down with my sword

Bouncing them off of my shield

What is to fear in this battle?

I arrogantly said to myself

“Forward brave steed!”

As I kicked her to go faster

More arrows

Spears missing their mark as the steed swiftly dodged them

I was drawn further and further in

Pride rising with every mile closer

“I am invincible”

I heard the words foolishly cross my mind

…………as I felt my steed and I forcefully hit the ground

I was thrown from her

and dragged through the earth

Dirt and mud clinging

Soiling every garment I wore

I felt my heart clench

And the breath leave my body

I saw my steed lie unmoving and glassy eyed

A spear protruding from her heart

Innocence lay dead

An arrow dropped lazily from clear skies

I swiftly stepped from it

Another struck from no where

Piercing my boot

Pain rippling upwards

Suddenly I knew I was bound

The Enemy had caught it’s rabbit

The trap had bore success

False courage and enticement’s, led the prey into the jaws of the Lion

The enlightenment had begun.

As the roaring truth took it’s turn to play upon it’s prey

Making it dance until she accepted surrender and then her fate

The Mirror

Realisations coming thick and fast

My arrogance bound tightly to me

I am shaking as I confront my fears

Every single one

My faults glare back at me

How can I prove to you my sorrow and my most sincere apology

I don’t know how….

Even now my fears churn in my heart and the instinct to hide them from you is immense…. more than I have ever revealed

I am weak

The weakest of the weak

I am shocked at seeing myself as I truly am.

Truth….it was me all the time.

I am responsible.

I have seated myself in the highest seat as the sternest Judge

Demands, expectations, rules laws declared everywhere and to everybody

Especially at those whom I love the most

I have seated myself in the seat of righteousness

I labeled myself as ‘Good’ and you ‘Bad’

I have created a separation from you and everybody

I used judgements as protection against stepping out in trust

I knew I needed vulnerability and I fooled myself into thinking I was doing it.

I stood in the space of guide…..but you, you are my guide

I am locked behind thick walls

Barbed wire

Guards and land mines

My foolishness is also my shame

and I am sorry.

I am so sorry.

I am trying

You are my mirror and the reflection glares at me with animosity, aggression, judgement and fear.

Is War Justified?

Let me ask you instead

Are all people fair?

Are all people able to discern right from wrong?

Are we all full of knowledge and wisdom?

Are we to bow to people who wish to devour us?

Who wish to destroy us for their own greed?

For those who desire power over us?

For those who envy your abundance?

For those who would destroy you for their own benefit?

Can we let the gates be fully open to those who take more than they need?

We should welcome the needy in.

We should be ready to offer generously those who are starved.

Offer mercy

Give graciously.

But once they are filled, and they are well, and they are in health, then teaching is to be declared

Teach the uneducated

Equip them with tools

Offer them guidance

Then release them to create their own abundance.

But those that return to steal from you,

To raid from your toil.

Who do not want to do the work,

You should close the gates to them

Put the sentry to guard

And if they do not desist,

But instead try other means, tricks and cunning,

You shall be forced to take up arms.

The offer of friendship and alliance should be offered

Treaties and the hope of compromise

And if they agree but still send their scouts and their raiding parties

Then, they are declaring war upon you.

The draw bridge shall be drawn upwards

And a declaration is made clearly to them

Any party that crosses into your abundant lands

Shall be cut down.

Vengeance is not required

But guarding and defence…. yes.

Do not withdraw the troops until The Oppressor gives up all hope.

If the Oppressor and thief continue to raid and do not desist,

Then send a messenger to your allies.

Send for help

Continue to build your arms

Train your army

Warn the Oppressor to desist!

Peace is preferable!

Friendship desired!

And if they agree but you see their tanks building in the horizon and the raiding parties and scouts continue to be found upon your borders…

Then you know that they have declared war upon you.

Abundance is for everybody.

But thievery, and ill desire should receive its own reward.

For no good thing can come from it.

And Evil and Goodness cannot not be allies.

Wisdom cannot bed with Foolishness

So is war justified?

I shall simply suggest that the question is in fact faulty.

War is the last defence.

No war is desired.

War sometimes comes to us despite our every good intention

War is not a desire

But it is brought to us and we must decide to stand firm within it.

Standing firm against ill doing and wrong doing.


A thousand times yes

Do not lose your lands for the benefit of peace

You will lose everything

And no mercy shall be bestowed upon you.

Love cannot bed itself with Hate.

And hate devours and destroys, controls and lies to its friends.

Be assured that they are no friend indeed.

Aggression has no justification.

But standing up, to defend the weak

Standing guard over the vulnerable

And not standing as one who is powerless


A thousand times yes.

Be a force that no party will challenge or reckon with.

Collect your evidence

Be certain beyond any doubt

Aggression is never justified

But War can come upon you and you must be ready

Defend and protect

Stand up to those who do not regard your values

War I suggest should not be desired but sometimes should not be avoided.

Enter it with deep thought

Understanding of it’s consequences

It’s losses and it’s gains

Do not desire it

But do not give over to those who have ill intent and are aggressive towards you

The Test

How do you know?

How you know what is right and what is good?

Test it I say!

Goodness feels good!

Freedom is absolute!

Chains are never bound

Love releases in trust

It offers freedom and the choice to return

Convincing is never necessary

Advice is offered

But never expected to be obeyed

Hopes are declared

But never forced upon another

Independence is fully encouraged

And loyalty offered freely

Differences allowed and observed

And change is never demanded

Growth and strength of the self is delighted in

Health is desired

Good things are created

And good feelings are the outcome

Goodness begets goodness

Truth and love and good things, welcome peace, joy and happiness

Test by observing in your mind

But never set a trap to test

The Devil is in the details

And the Truth is all around

The Captain

When the hot wind blows at the sails

And the ocean is restless

The current is dragging you to the South

While the wind is blowing you to the North

The stars are dimmed by clouds

And the compass spins in circles

The ship rocks

Port to Starboard and

Aft to Stern

Throw the anchor overboard

A second if you must

Wait for calmer waters

Climb the rigging and seek out land

Look for signs of life

And beware the albatross that brings false news and false hopes

Go below and wait it out

Gather your strength and grit

Stay put

As sirens call you to sure death

Block up your ears

And look to the horizon

Steady yourself Sir

The storm is never lasting

Land shall be sighted

Carry hopes and and trinkets of loved ones

Think upon good things and dreams

Send up prayers

And light the incense

Remember who Captains the ship

Tie up the sails

Throw out the anchor

Steady yourself against the tide and the hot wind

You are the captain

Weed out the Mutineers

And hang them by their own noose

Let the sailors know

The Captain is at the helm

The Charge and Director of His ship

The Muse

The awakening is now

And the Muse….

He is returning

The Creative, is awakening from a deep slumber

She didn’t understand the silence that had gripped her

But destiny and the plans from the Universe have been revealed

Her hands are shaking with anticipation

As inspiration has begun to return

She knows

It is a deep knowing

Together, creations will spew out of the two of them this time.

As energy is restored

The Universe is restoring another piece of itself to its original state

It’s perfect state

An eruption of goodness and provision

And beauty is the outcome

Hands manically spread paint onto canvases

New songs are written

Instruments try their voices again

The creative is like a puppy shaking and bouncing around the house her excitement refusing to be stifled

Every expression she accepts

Her curiosity about them is endless

The Muse is coming!

Her smile is ear to ear and she welcomes it, spreading a plague of happiness around her.

The Muse is coming.