The Sun


Ice screams as it shatters like bones being broken

The sun by its pure existence forcing the base elements to change

Water at its mercy screams again for deliverance

The sun knows all will be well

Its ceases not

For it must exist

It watches Earth

Controlling everything

It is God and the Earth subjugates itself without choice


It feels the mercy and the judgment

Fleeing its wrath the Earth cowers

But runs to its arms for sustenance and warmth

As king it maintains ultimate Rule

While we enslave ourselves to its laws



Full throttle

A soda shaken

A kettles whistle

Backwards once but three steps forwards

Running the gauntlet


But never shaken


And not uncertain

Play your cards

A bet worth winning

Passions rising

Goals fulfilling





Lovingly hold me but need me not

Carry my heart in your rolled up sleeve

Flick away the buzzing bee

Gently kiss the brow of youth

And purposely whisper the vulnerable truth


Water Falls

Splicing in Twaine

Merry loops of golden light

Wrapping around cranial mounds

Crowning kingly forms

Water holds no mercy

Yet veils itself with softness undermining the powers that lie beneath

It takes what falls into it

Those that survive are upheld on the banks as the few that made it through initiation

The only thing that has its foundation as its roof

Its speaks not to anyone

But roaringly commands without question or remorse





Fear not the ties that bind

Hold not the wild things to yourself

Love and joy

Without demise by painful bonds

Freedom is the word

Come together as wild things freely do







One silent breath

Lie still and all will pass

Taking in mountains

These to will pass

Warming suns guided by Father Time

Life returns with sleepy regulation

Birds fly and bees seek their flowers

Making their resolve to make something of themselves.




Giving more

Take from and discard it as nothing

Worship for a moment

Be both … yet be neither

Say it all …yet nothing that means anything

Empty eager to take

Filling upon the breasts of mothers milk

Making a stand for nothing

A line is drawn