The Importance of Feeling Safe

(In gratitude to Michelle the only person who showed me actual belief. Your belief shook me…and still brings me to tears, thank you.)

Independence and Empowerment

Learning ‘how to learn‘ is the first and most essential step

Overcoming and winning are the keys and the foundation to a successful life, and a feeling you must attain and never forget.

For some, shame and discouragement from irresponsible teachers have built the feeling of fear into our hearts

It has made the smallest step a daunting cliff to leap from.

Fear of what lies beneath the shallowest of waters

This fear prevents our feet from touching the ground when it is so easily reached

Fear of being shamed has built loss of trust in people who offer honest guidance

I shake my head at your poor damaged hearts…my poor damaged heart

The ability to change your perspective feels insurmountable.

So ask the Spirits for help to do one small task

And wait for the spirits to bring someone to you to show you how to do it

Those who wish you the best and have great care, kindness and are not threatened by your success or your own personal power, they are secure in themselves

They will not listen to your obstructions

But instead show you that you can

And if you fail the first time, they will not shame you. They will simply stand by you until you win

And when you do….

Remember that moment

Lock it into your heart

And never forget that person who gave you their belief

Who offered their umbrella to share with you when it was raining

Never forget that one person

This is a person to trust

This is a person to help you remember your worth when you start to doubt

This is the moment

Capture it like a portrait in your mind and in your heart

Hold onto that feeling

Because this is the truth

And they saw the truth in you.

Because the truth is …

You can.

Build your foundations upon this.

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