The Source

I hear myself whisper wishes to the Universe

Knowing full well the power it is emitting

All things are granted should you ask

So ask carefully

And if you have not yet recieved

Then review your blocks

The Universe sends you what is blocking you from your wishes also

If you cannot see or understand

Then you must ask to see and understand

I am your guide

Be careful of dictating how, who and what

And ‘shoulds‘, ‘have to’s‘ and ‘need to’s’

Ask and yes! My friends you shall receive!

But become aware of dictating or giving orders to the the Universe






I have received testing after every lesson

Until I got it

Be sure that you shall receive testing

The Universe wants you to be absolutely certain!

Now that the blind fold has been removed

I am able to hesitantly step into my power

Suddenly the world is set out before me

And yes I still receive tests, for every single lesson!

I am beginning to welcome them

But I am also overwhelmed at the moment

At the vast possibilitites

I see now the options that were set before me in the past

They were offered regularly to me. But I could not receive them.

This was repeated many times and I felt despair every single time!

But my hope was always restored

And this has been my cycle



Hope ….loss…

I was presented with three lovers

I loved each of them….deeply

I received the same lesson from each of them

Each of them came so close to my heart

I fell hard for each of them

and my heart …..felt broken each time

But I was always restored

But the last one…..

The cycle has has finally closed

There shall be no more options presented to me

My power, did not lie where I thought it should

It was hidden beneath what I thought was my weakness

It was revealed to me through the last Lover

The King.

My heart is the source of my power

The reason why so many have tried to steal it

Even destroy it or use it for their own gain

My love for the world is vast and powerful

My Happiness and Joy, is the source of my wisdom and my power

From it I can recognise every lie and whisper of deceit

From it I am restored and made stronger with every attack

Because Love and Joy are the source

What love is…and what love is not

I am fully charged with this knowledge

The time for expression and reception is now

Come if you dare

Come if you are ready

Are you ready for love?

Are you ready for Joy?

Then come and show your courage just as I am showing you mine

Blazing for the world to see

This love will cause the birth of a new world

Are you ready to step into your greatest power?

Are you ready for a limitless supply of good things?

Ask and wait

You shall receive blocks that must be overcome prior to your wishes

Have Courage

Have Courage

Because you are loved.

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