Laughingly dismiss problems as simplicity

Wine makes merry every occasion

Actually shaking

Alone and lonely

Separated but crowded

Not finding a place

Needing space

Keeping up the show

Mastering how to love and be loved

Open to wounding

Trying not to wound

Life sharpens the best of us

It draws the line

And forces our hands to cut ties

And indeed wound those that cannot let go

We shed the skins of the past


But beauty awaits








Falling like stars from heaven

Everything that was before is altered

Change again absolute!!

Nothing is left for me to hold that was old







Every expectation that was held


I stand on the banks of all of these and watch them swiftly rush downstream


I follow them not

 Every year

 The new

The dangerous

 The immoral

 The pagan

All these are pushing themselves forcefully forward

Into my hand

My mind

My space

Into my bed and I am happy

Why do all my warnings now  scream to avoid all that I held to be good and right?

Now they sit back quietly

They have gone to sup

While I am smashed like boiled potato

Calmness remains mine though

All is well


I do not


I do not

Yet all is well

while everything is wrong

I must laugh

mirth is mine

For all now is wrong

yet happiness is found



The Torturer is no longer in employment

 He must seek others out

He can find no satisfaction here

For I laugh in his face

As he slinks back to the dark places




No one really determines the steps that they are to take

Avoid – yes!


Limply accept the lessons we are taught!

Compete the stations we are at

Employ listening

Walk through the gates as the enlightened

Covering every step with awareness

Carry nothing

Change is absolute

Whilst we battle to make life as we determine we should

Forces force our hands

Therefore ..acceptance

Move and listen

Listen then move

The choices are not choices rather than doors we must enter and partake in the riches of preordination

Gather courage

Confront fear

All will fall as it should

Simply listen and follow






Wooing the doves

Pushing Eagles above the highest of peaks

Tossing cars like a leaf in the lightest of breezes

I have heard

“Be as water”

But I shall be as the wind

The angels shall whisper my destiny

And I shall do their bidding

A hurricane or a caressing breeze

Taken to every corner of Earth

Angels moving me as they are dictated by higher powers

The Earth will be mine to discover

Above the binds of gravity

And  the pull to settle in nooks of Earth amongst rock and stone







Carry me anywhere

Overseas and over water


The Sun


Ice screams as it shatters like bones being broken

The sun by its pure existence forcing the base elements to change

Water at its mercy screams again for deliverance

The sun knows all will be well

Its ceases not

For it must exist

It watches Earth

Controlling everything

It is God and the Earth subjugates itself without choice


It feels the mercy and the judgment

Fleeing its wrath the Earth cowers

But runs to its arms for sustenance and warmth

As king it maintains ultimate Rule

While we enslave ourselves to its laws



Full throttle

A soda shaken

A kettles whistle

Backwards once but three steps forwards

Running the gauntlet


But never shaken


And not uncertain

Play your cards

A bet worth winning

Passions rising

Goals fulfilling