The carcass jiggles with each wave


Blubber exposed

Crisping in the sun

Drying in the wind

Bloating with the water

The earth

The wind

The waves

Caressing it

Creating change

One would think it alive in some ways

If it’s scent were not a beacon for talons and teeth

One would question if life could actually exist.

As it slowly becomes one with the sand.

Goals Posts

Bouncing around common goals all assuming

Finding the self then suddenly losing

A bouncing ball passed around on the court

Sharing and passing

And shielding and guarding

Seeking a goal

While the posts keep on moving

As scientists test

Judging cause and effect

Occasional explosions

And some toxic gasses

 Searching and learning

The right one

While seeking the next.


Dear Readers…

Dearest Readers,

Thank you for supporting me.

I truly hope that you are touched in some way.

I have slowed recently in writing, which does happen on occasion.

Usually this means i’m thinking hard about stuff or i’m investigating other creative activities, which I will also upload as I complete them.

Just to reassure, more will come!

And I remind you,

If you wish me to respond to anything,

Then flick me a message or comment and I will for sure get writing.






Traverse the world

Maintaining loyalty

Saying one thing

Performing another

Carrying me close

Friendships are made with togetherness being fundamental

Love is upheld

Because it is easy and desirable

Enjoyment that throws duty aside

I am learning

Troubles are on the inside

Hallowed Ground

All that step into this space shall know

Irreverence shall be quashed

Thunder shall warn the fool

Know where you stand

For it is Holy

A high fence shall surround

and the Holy soldiers guard it

The simple minded laugh

While the wise humbly yet sternly, correct their impertinence

Care for balance and the fear of a greater wrath weighs heavily on them

They feel death creep close

Consuming time

Urgency is theirs

With wisdom desperate to be imparted


I stand on precipices


Slowly I tilt forward

Feeling the wind

I raise my hands

Fear is mine

But courage also

Today I am swan

I call no one to me today

I own my steps

Blame is made silent

Left behind as a milestone

I feel praise

My hands are lifted



I am surrounded

Space and air