We sang our song

We sang it loud

We sang it in the open places

The song that we were singing lifted high unto the ranges

Across the desert sands and all the arid places

Over Mountains valley’s, earths and sea’s

Over all the meadows and skies and nooks and brooks

It called for change

It called forth hope

It called for loving kindness

For human rights and freedom

It rang in lofty places

It shamed the sun

It scorned its light

It singed the ruddish flag

It hailed its’ own

It hailed it’s rights

It let all doubt be known

The song that we were singing

Was indeed our own

Then the silence came

And the heavens were torn open

And the Sun that we called friend

Cloaked itself

It turned it’s back

It hid its face from friends

It changed it’s light

It turned it’s coats

It changed from burnished gold

To ugly sickly army green

An evil kind of yellow

An angry shade of mean

It tore the heavens open

Brought the rain and then the flood

The rain it fell like little knives like tiny razor blades

It cut our skins it tore our hides

It bled us like the swine

The heavens had fell open

It fell so hard

It fell so fast

It fell like glass upon the rock

Like a diamond cutting butter

Like a knife slicing stock

But reflected in the bloodied mess

The song was not forgot

And though the water ran and ran

Until it could no more

It fed the land

It filled the streams

It grew the population

It planted just a little seed

A quiet little thing

It grew into a fruiting tree

Which fed a little boy

It shaded him and loved him well

And this he ner’er forgot

And as he grew

He sang a song

His own accord

He heard it right

He liked it best

It sounded clear and bright

He sang it in the quiet places

The hills and empty night

He sang unto all the land

To all the thorns and lilies

He sang it to a blooming rose

To all the vast and arid places

It was heard upon the the secret trails

All through the East and West

Until one day when at rest

He heard a lilting whisper

It rang so soft and clear and true

It brightened all the meadows

Upon the breeze

It swept like joy

Like Spring and Summer flowers

The voice it held itself alone

A lovely lilting lute

It sang it’s own

It sang it best

It sang itself all truth

Nothing hidden

Nothing lost

No shame

No fear

No hate

It hailed complete abandon

Freedom absolute

From the distance

Far to the left

I saw the shadow of some steam

A tiny puff

Was but a whiff

It cautioned the old and crippled

For memory that rests though dark and deep

When prompted by a similar truth

Rings clear and fresh and true

The wise had heard the songs before

Although not quite the same

Had echos of memories and thoughts restrained

From a time of bitter terrors

It felt familiar

It felt like home

It certainly was not strange

The puff of smoke it blew right out

As the song became a gale

There was no nonsense

It was shut down

As more and more joined in

The country remembered all before

It did not baulk or wait

It snuffed that smoke

It put it out

And not a second thought too late

The Sun it finally showed its face

It shone its’ best and brightest

It did itself a full repentance – 180 to the core

It warmed the nation as it should before

It brought them back together

Like a mother hen and all her chicks

One collection under heaven

The old and crippled threw their hats

Giving way with complete abandon

Hope lay strong upon their breasts

Though frail their bodies lay

A spark of life

Began to shine

Their eyes though dull could see

That fear gave way

It turned to joy

And then to recognition

For voices that sing for rights and truth

Will be heard throughout the ages

Love is greater than power and fear

It grows beyond all stages

Fear shall ne’er have its way

Its destiny is end

For Love is desired above all else

Above all power and wealth

It shines through muck and mirk and mean

Through angry schemes and bitter themes

Let love become the desirable means to shut out the sour and those seekers of power let us turn our backs upon it

Bring about a voice of change with reason

Herald for love and kindness

And above all else

Wisdom, understanding and niceness

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